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Hi I'm Kathleen Barrett.
Brooklyn native and enthusiast. Operations manager at VHXtv.
Contact me at kathleen (at) vhx (dot) tv.


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    We ♥ music. We love it so much, we’re working with Hype Machine on their cool new site, HMTV, which aggregates the web’s best music videos. All of the videos are from Vimeo and YouTube, collected from popular music blogs. Be sure to check it out

    While all of these videos are free, we’re excited to work with musicians about using VHX to sell video content: live concert footage, documentaries, behind-the-scenes, etc. Making sweet jams? Get in touch!

    As a major fan of svpply, I’m happy for the team that built such an enjoyable online experience. I hope most online shopping and browsing experiences move in the direction of svpply.


    The Star Wars Uncut saga continues…

    We’ve got galactic-sized news for all of our fans, new and old. Today marks the official launch of the next chapter in the Star Wars Uncut story: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut.

    We created Star Wars Uncut in 2009 with just some blood, sweat, and pipe cleaners. It took time and a lot of trial and error to figure out how to bring this new concept to life—we learned a lot alongside our thousands of contributors. With one fan-made film under our belt and plenty of inspiration, we can’t wait to get fans together to recreate the next episode in the galactic saga. Past contributors, new friends, and future Jedis of the world: we know you have a lot more up your sleeves for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut.

    This past weekend, we went to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando to screen A New Hope Uncut and announce the new project. We saw Muppet Stormtroopers, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing Wookies, trashcan R2D2s and all kinds of homemade Star Wars fun. Passionate fans reimagining Star Wars is precisely why we love Uncut, which is why we shot this trailer for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. It stars all of Celebration VI, an 80s-style voiceover tribute to the original, and a bunch of characters we hope show up in this next installment.

    Now is your chance to be a part of the largest fan remake ever. The Force is with us. All of us.

    Awww yeah. 

    Steve Niebauer Michael Eades Our new office in Dumbo! Adam Klaff Kevin Sheurs Kathleen Barrett


    VHX is growing! We just hired five more amazingly talented people, and got a new office in Dumbo, Brooklyn. 

    These nice folks are now part of the family: SteveMichaelAdamKevin and Kathleen

    Come work with us!

    So thrilled to be a part of this amazing team. Great things to come!

    Wythe Hotel has opened in Williamsburg. Looks like some days are already booked up, will be interesting to see if the Brooklyn aesthetic appeals to the masses visiting NYC. Prices certainly seem reasonable.

    Let’s talk about pizza.

    More importantly, let’s talk about how difficult it has become to get a taste of our favorite neighborhood spots! This isn’t news to anyone but the pizza at Roberta’s in Bushwick and Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint is worth a wait. That wait, however, post-NY Times articles and blog exposure has become nearly unbearable. The crispy crusts with local, fresh ingredients is truly tough to beat. Each of these eateries offers a little something different - Paulie Gee’s is a bit more laid back with a personal visit from the owner at every meal and a chance to top everything with Mike’s Hot Honey. Roberta’s offers an extended menu beyond the pie and does it all well with more of a scene-y vibe driven by the Hipster Population in the immediate neighborhood and 3 hour waits without fail.

    The sad realization that these places are no longer local joints came a couple of months back and was reaffirmed this past week. We tried to go to Roberta’s three times in one weekend since friend’s were participating in the ArtHack Day at 319 Scholes in the neighborhood. Each time, on three different days, we were told the wait was 3 hours. While I’m happy the place is succeeding I remember the days when the place was just a single garage space and the pastry chef used my boyfriends stove to bake their desserts. Similarly, Paulie Gee’s was introduced to the Greenpoint neighborhood and was always a less involved alternative for us. Then, last weekend we went and waited 2.5 hours. It was a Saturday night so I can appreciate that. The killer, however, was being told twice this week that they were too busy for take-out orders. Ah! If I can’t even pick up my pizza fix, what’s a brooklyn girl to do?!

    Looks like King & Grove has closed on their acquisition of the Hotel Williamsburg. The company paid $520,000 per key to Graves Hospitality & KSK Construction, a new record in Brooklyn. I think this is representative of a shift in our lovely borough, now a destination not just a place people move to when they’re priced out of Manhattan. 

    This is not brooklyn-related but just look at that atrium! Turns out the Ace Hotel group is not purchasing this however (bummer) but instead the Thompson Hotel Gang will get a chance to bring this beauty back to life. I’m obsessed with building my own hotel these days so this is quite the inspiration.

    via Curbed

    One of my favorite hidden gems in the neighborhood is Sapere Studio. I wrote a review earlier today on google but in summary the instructor is amazing, the studio space is incredible (the owner Claire is not only an instructor here but also works in interior design!), and the classes have changed my health, body & the way I think about exercise. I’m stronger, leaner & more flexible. Most importantly nothing hurts and if anyone knows my history, that in itself is incredible. I’ve never taken classes like the ones offered at the studio and I highly recommend trying it for yourself. Check this place out and support another awesome woman running a small business in the area!

    GIF made with the NYPL Labs Stereogranimator - view more at
    GIF made with the NYPL Labs Stereogranimator

    Amazing new project from NYPL, the Stereogranimator transforms historic photographs into 3d images. Take a look and create some yourself!

    via designsponge

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